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You feel:

… that there is so much more within you and that your old patterns are long gone?

You know:

… it’s time to live your dreams and desires, to finally follow your joy, passion and fulfillment and to allow yourself to make room for it?

You want:

… to live more independently and self-determined?
Work less but earn more?
Travel more and have less meetings?
Be your own boss of your very own life? Knowing what you really want?
Freely express your creativity?
Feel fulfillment and purpose in what you do?

And above all:

… turn your dreams into reality?

We welcome you to
The Muse Club.

The club for free spirits, creative souls & people with desires that are pushed by their intuition.

Welcome to your journey to your freedom, the world of creativity and endless possibilities.

On your journey inThe Muse you will learn:

Who you really are and what you really want (not in your mind, but from deep within your heart)

How your dreams and desires, that were buried inside you for so long, finally become reality and what tools you will need 

How to dive into a new version of yourself

Which steps you have take in order to arrive at your goal

It doesn’t matter how much you have tried in the past, if fears still exists, or you seem to be captured by your environment and no matter how many stories you keep telling yourself….

If you are reading this, something inside you already knows that you are ready to spread your wings and fly.

What if it is possible after all?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

How would you want to live if everything was possible?

Have you ever asked yourself what your life and the world would be like if everything and anything was possible?

What exactly would be different and what is currently holding you back?

I personally want to live in a world that is characterized by love, fulfillment, joy, creativity and fellowship; where people understand that it takes much less than they often think and that at the same time there is so much more possible if we just start listening to our inner voice (and wisdom). Certainly and even more when you see your vibrance again,  the variety, creativity of all kinds, flexibility and your independence, or just a portion of everything that you may have missed… up until now. 

EVERYTHING. IS. POSSIBLE. There is no longer an either-or. If YOU don’t want it anymore.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that we are all on a mission:

  • to be happy 
  • to spread happiness to others 
  • to make the world a better place (again)

Why you still don’t know what you really want, what fulfills you or how to get there; and that neither a coaching, a book nor a course was able to help yet?


This is definitely not your fault. More and more coaching sessions are supposed to show you how to find yourself – but they usually do not consider that every person a) is unique and b) actually already carries everything inside them what they need to know;  it’s just a matter of finding it, listening to it again and accepting it. To have faith.

What if it works without annoying strategies but with more peace and quiet, joy, ease and less work?

In The Muse I will show you with selected videos and my ongoing mentoring as well as the wonderful Creative Corners (let’s be surprised) the essences of my last coaching years, that have led many of my clients back to their inner self and towards their dream life.

This is what my clients say:


„I recognize my intuition better and better and with it my own inner truth and can distinguish much better between head and heart. Consistently establishing new belief patterns to be able to be the „new ME“. Thank you for you and your mentoring during this long overdue process. For giving me the experience and knowledge of how great coaching can be when the coachee really gets a grip  and resonates with the coach. You have been a big puzzle piece for my creation and for the fact that I now can support, inspire and encourage others from the heart and in my idiosyncratic power – thank you!“


„You see something in others that they don’t want to see or can’t see yet. Their full potential. That everything is possible!  I am convinced from the bottom of my soul that this complicated and complex world needs people like you. People who can mentor, who can see with their heart, who can see, recognize and promote strength.  You can touch people, inspire them and captivate them. This is such a great talent! I am grateful for all that you and I have accomplished together during this time.  The feeling of my greatness, my power, me becoming whole. Just the thought of all that will be happening in the future makes my heart beat faster and I am so happy. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!“


„Tina, you are a spell magic artist…a peacemaker…a magician. You are pure love and medicine for me! Thanks you for letting me grow without doing it for me. But I know that you are  always there when needed. You bear with me to find my own greatness. I am so grateful for you! You are probably the only person on the planet I feel understood by. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to learn from such a great master that you are. I am happy to be part of your circle and grow together with all of them. You are a great soul and a born leader! Thank you for showing me so much, for teaching me and being such a great role model!“

The Muse is right for you if you:

 Want to achieve a lot with very little 

Reduce to the max – and still achieve the highest possible goal. If you want to achieve a lot with very little, The Muse is your thing.

Are a creative free spirit & somehow different 

The Muse consists of people who think and feel freely, who long to become more of themselves & who often feel somehow different. Are you like that too? Then this club is for you.

Want change

The Muse club is for those who FINALLY want to fulfill themselves & stop holding back any longer. Those who are not afraid of their truth. Those who dream of freedom, fulfillment & passion & are NOW ready to let it become real. MORE than ever.

Choose for yourself

 Do you want to choose how long you are part of the community? Have you been sneaking around a coaching with Tina over and over? Are you committed to start your individual journey or jump in for three months to be in Tina’s energy & experience a wonderful community? THEN…The Muse is also for you.

About Tina Reimer

I know so well how you feel. I was once at the point in my life where I questioned anything and everything until new turning points  were reached that made me realize I need to make room for my passions again that they deserved. 

They were always there. They were never lost. I just didn’t pay enough attention to them than I did to the rest. 

Several years ago I went from employment in the event industry to freelancing in order to support people to find their way back to their inner self and to create the life of their dreams – oftentimes including self-employment, or an artistic streak that they haven’t realized yet. 

I love what I do. I love my life, in which I no longer have to decide between work and vacation, because overall it is simply my life and I am able to freely develop anything I am in the mood for. I love music and dancing. I love nature, the jungle and just being me. I am an absolute lover of anything beautiful. I know how to achieve the maximum and not have to DO more in order to get it.

I teach what I live. That’s why I know you can do it too, and that fulfillment, passion, creativity & pure joy in life doesn’t have to be separated from success & abundance.

You can decide to believe in it from now on and then start living it.

The Muse Community

The energy of an incredible group
What you gain in this wonderful community is priceless:

  • the important, supportive and encouraging environment everyone always talks about
  • exchanging ideas with people who support and celebrate you instead of criticize and keep you down
  • in addition, you will gain input of the knowledge and tipps of these great personalities
  • last but not least: the overall energy of people who inspire each other – and who can make anything possible…
Follow the melody of your heart and JOIN The Muse CLUB NOW 



Which package is right for me?

We recommend the 3 months package if you want to „get a taste“ of whether this is your way of learning and growing. When you are more the type who collects knowledge in a compact way and afterwards implements it on your own and with self-discipline. As well as finding out if this is your kind of guidance and mentoring that makes you feel comfortable to continue on your own afterwards with anything you have learned…

We recommend the 6 months package if you already have an idea of where you want to go, what you want to change and are now looking for a mentor for a while. If you can work well with the tasks and questions you are given, and then develop questions from them that my team and I will be happy to answer for you, so that you can run towards your goals week after week.

We recommend the 12 months package if you really want to relax while being supported for a while and don’t want to continue looking for a new course and/or mentor. If you feel that you are in good hands here and that you receive everything you need for your journey. When you know that this path is a journey and not a race to get anywhere. Where you will have permanent access to support in order to make your dreams come true completey without time pressure but with certainty, trust and relaxation.

Is it possible to pay in installments?

Yes, you can choose whether you prefer one-time or installment payment. Choosing a one-time payment will give you a small financial advantage.

Does the membership renew automatically?

 No. The membership will expire on the last day of the period you have chosen (3, 6 or 12 months). We will only send you a reminder (about 4 weeks before expiration), so that you can decide if you want to renew it. You don’t have to pay attention to any deadlines and the membership will not be renewed automatically.

Is the club for me even if I'm not (yet) an artist and/or (still) have a normal 9-to-5 job?

Absolutely! Zero doubt. This club is for all free spirits, creative people, seekers, different thinkers and life lovers. All those who carry dreams and desires within them knowing and feeling that there is a lot more waiting for them.

Is the club only for women?

Definitely NOT. Everyone is welcome, who has a desire for change, growth, dreams and more joy of life.

How do I get in touch with the other members?
When you purchase your membership, you automatically have access to the exclusive facebook group where you can network with all members.
Can I give a membership as a gift certificate?

I would love to. What a great gift idea. Please email us at which package you would like to give away and we will send you all the information.

Can I miss content?

No. All monthly live Q&A calls with Tina are recorded and made available in the exclusive facebook group. You have access to all content throughout your time in the club and can work at your own pace.

Do you have any other questions? Write to us at

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